Did you know.....

HAV have large screen video projectors for live shows and provide full camera coverage of large events. all our projectors are fed by DVI Fibre cables to ensure perfect picture quality every time

Did you know.....

HAV have can supply your next show with a multi projector system producing seamless projection on a single screen

there is no limit to size or shape.


FUJI 55:1 Box lens with Vector 70 head  Perfect for your conference




HAV Productions can undertake any multi media production including, shooting, editing, duplication to projection...

Image Projection

Large screen video and large format slide projectors for live shows.

Crash unit based around Datavideo MS900 c/w  4 x 16:9 Sony BVP 550WSP or 3 x 4:3 Sony D30s camera channels. recording to Digi Beta or DVCAM or our new Blackmagic Hypperdeck Studio 4:2:2 SSD recorders; 22:1, Fuji 55:1 and Cannon 33:1 lenese  with Vector 70 tripods available for hire

18k DLP HD Roadsters, with full Fibre Optic DVI transmission.

Vista Spyder X20 processors

LCD Video Projectors from 4,500 to 15,000 lumens, with full Fibre Optic DVI transmission.

Digital Non - Linear Editing

Premiere Pro CS5.5.2 , complete with Blackmagic Decklink Studio

HVR-M25AE, DSR-1500AP DVcam deck (SDI in and out)

Sony J30 Feeder deck ( DigiBeta, Beta Sp, Beta SX and MPEG IMX )


8TB of storage

Video Shoots

Studio or location work, HDV, Digi Beta or Beta Sp, Directors, Camera crew, Storyboarding and Script Writers are available.


Video and other media can be burned to CD Rom or DVD and duplicated for distribution. Full graphics design for 2D and 3D artwork.

Film Lighting

Specialist lighting for film, television and video shoots. HMI, tungsten, effects.

Audio Recording

Our audio recording studio, designed and built to international professional standards by Acoustic Research (Greenwich, London) and furnished with the renowned Black Box acoustic treatment will guarantee the best quality audio recordings, backed by the experience of our engineers at Halwani Audio, for production of radio commercials, jingles, voice-overs and translations.

HAV Productions will take your film from the concept stage, provide script writing and direction, location scouting and management to shooting and post production. Your film can be produced on tape or DVD. For further details and quotations,   

for further details please email edit@havpro.com