Halwani Audio Visual Productions is the largest and most comprehensive independent supplier of events and audio visual production services in Saudi Arabia. HAV is managed by a western team with a vast knowledge of the business, totaling more than 25 years experience in the GCC countries.


HAV Can supply your next show with a Seamless widescreen projection system using our state of the art Watchout system complete with a Vista Spyder X20.

HAV Can supply all your Simultaneous translation needs from single language to 8 languages
HAV have invested heavily in state of the art Absen LED screens, why not try one on your next show


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HAV Productions - your first choice for Blended wide screens

HAV Productions - Getting it Right First Time Every Time

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December 2014,Kaust Graduation, Jeddah

November  2014,Al Khalifa Stadium Reveal Mapping show, Ritz Carlton Riyadh

November  2014,Gulf Cup Play station Challenge, Riyadh

November  2014,HR Forum, Hilton Hotel, Jeddah

November  2014,Gulf Cup Reveal event, Riyadh

November  2014,Nazer Group Awards evening, Jeddah

November / December  2014,BMW X6 Video Mapping Car Launch, Jeddah & Riyadh

September  2014,NCB Capitol Conference, Hilton Hotel, Jeddah

September  2014,Saudi National Day, Ritz Carlton, Riyadh Picture

September  2014,INJAZ Conference, Jeddah Hilton

September  2014,Simultaneous Translation System for the press conference of US Secretary of State John Kerry, Royal Terminal Jeddah

September  2014,NCBC Conference, Hilton Hotel Jeddah

September  2014,KAUST 5th Year Celebrations 

July 2014, Rolls Royce car Launch, Jeddah & Riyadh Picture

July 2014, Opening of Rubayiat store, Projection mapping for Seitenevents  Picture

July 2014, AlDabbagh, Awards show, Leylaty

June 2014, IDB Annual AGM, Hilton Jeddah Picture

May 2014, Opening of KASC, supply and operation of 56 7k Ireos search lights and 120 LED Citi Colours rigged on to 14 scaffold towers

May 2014, Euromoney 2014, Riyadh

April 2014, Samsung S5 launch, Jeddah  Picture

April 2014, EY Entrepreneur of the year Awards, Jeddah  Picture

April 2014, Saudi Aramco 2nd CSR, Dharan Picture

February2014, SAVOLA Annual meeting, Jeddah Picture

February 2014 Quality Awards, Saudi Electric Company, Jeddah Picture

February 2014 i2 Conference, Riyadh Picture

February 2014, KAUST special meeting

Janaury 2014, Dental Forum, Riyadh Picture

January 2014, Camera crew and outside broadcast coverage for GCF, Riyadh

December 2013, 7up Event, Red Sea mall Jeddah

December 2013, KFF 30th Anniversary, Riyadh

December 2013, KAUST Student Graduation 2013

December 2013, The Brain Forum Jeddah Picture

December 2013, Saudi Water and Power Forum, Jeddah Picture

November 2013, Home Helath Care Forum, Jeddah Picture

November 2013, BMW X5 Roadshow Launch events Picture

November 2013, SCEF conference, Hilton Hotel, Jeddah Picture

September 2013, Saita Awards, Ritz Carlton,  Riyadh

September 2013, Samsung Note3 Launch Jeddah

September 2013, National Day, Sound System for fireworks show  Jeddah

September 2013, Samsung Curved LED screen Launch, Jeddah

June 2013, Close Up Comedy Show, Red sea Mall Jeddah 

June 2013, Rolls Royce WRAITH Reveal, Jeddah & Riyadh. Picture

June 2013, Samsung new product range Jeddah & Riyadh.  

June 2031, Jaguar Car Launch, Jeddah & Riyadh  

April 2013, UEFA Champions finals for JFFC, Jeddah. Picture

May 2013 Sedco Annual  Conference, Jeddah. Picture

May 2013, Samsung S4 Launch Riyadh.  

April 2013, Euromoney 2013, Riyadh. Picture

April 2013, Private Family Wedding, 140m Multi Screen Projection , Riyadh

April 2013, Jeddah Commercial Forum. Picture

April 2013, Samsung S4 Launch, Jeddah

April 2013,International exhibition & conference on higher education, Riyadh. Picture

April 2013, Dental Conference, Riyadh. Picture

February 2013, Savola Annual Conference , Jeddah

February 2013, United Nation Counter Terrorism Conferecne, Riyadh

February 2013, CMA Conference, PSGH, Riyadh

February 2013 ,The 3rdE-Learning Conference , Riyadh Picture

January 2013 ,The 3rd Arab Economic Summit, Riyadh Picture

December  2012, KAUST 2012 Graduation

December  2012, RedBull Flugtag Picture

December  2012, 11th Session of the General Conference of ISESCO, Ritz Carlton Riyadh Picture

December  2012, Sesame Street, Jeddah Picture

November 2012, XXV Planetary Congress, Ritz Carlton Riyadh Picture

November 2012, Saudi Equestrian Awards Show, Riyadh Picture

November 2012, i2 Conference Hilton Hotel, Jeddah  

October 2012, Opening of the new University of Business & Technology, Jeddah Picture