TANNOY Dual Conc. Speakers - Surround Sound . dbx Zone Pro Multi Zone System , CROWN multi channel Amps.  Computer Control Intelligent arch. & effect lighting , LDR & DTS  Generic lighting. Vutec screens

Royal Pavillion - Tabuk

 AudioVisual & Lighting install for this multi hall complex using Mutli-zoning A/V system and  intelligent effect  and generic theatrical lighting . Wide screen projection and  watchout system. (Photos)
TRYKA LED strips,   Litecorder control.

Mothercare - Tahliah - Jeddah

Intelligent Architectural Lighting makeover for Famous world renowned department store (Photos)

TANNOY Dual Conc. Arena Speakers -  dbx Zone Pro Multi Zone System , CROWN Amps.  Computer Control Intelligent arch. & effect lighting , TRYKA LED lighting. Vutec screen, Extron Network screen distribution

Life Stylez Cafe - Tahliah - Jeddah

 AudioVisual & Lighting install for this post modern Cafe . DJ system setup . Architectural intelligent effect  and computer controlled LED lighting . Multiple screen projection . (Photos)
Cyclo 3,   Litecorder control.

Tutti Cafe- Jeddah

Intelligent Architectural Lighting for this eccentric high end Cafe (Photos)

TANNOY Ceiling, Wall  ICT Speakers - BSS Soundweb inc Audio Video Matrix , Multi Zone System , CROWN multi channel Amps. MARTIN  Computer Control Intelligent arch. & effect lighting , LDR & DTS  Generic lighting

In 10 So Sairafi Mall - Jeddah

 Audio & Lighting install for KCC designed GoCart indoor entertainment complex using BSS Soundweb Controlled A/V system and Martin intelligent and effect lighting. (Photos)

MARTIN MAC 250s & DTS ARC575 Tens of PARs and Codas  all truss flown from space frame very high ceiling, light Jockey computer control.

MoonToon - Sairafi Mall - Jeddah

Intelligent and generic lighting for this spacey indoor theme park on intricate flying truss support (KCC design) (Photos)

TANNOY i12 Speakers - A&H GL2200 . MARTIN  Alien O2 Cyclo4 , Source 4s Zero 88 lighting mixer.

Help Center - Jeddah

 Audio, Lighting & Acoustic treatment install for this private school theater (Photos)

dbx ZonePro DSP multi zone control Crown multi channel amps. A/V conference rooms

Tujjar Club - Jeddah

Installation and programming of automated  remote controlled multi zone audio system for this exclusive health SPA.

18 x MARTIN Exterior 200  Pulsar ChromascapeLED x 105 light Jockey computer control.

Tujjar Office Complex - Jeddah

Architectural Lighting for Jeddah's Artistic exclusive office project combining old and new (Photos)

60x MARTIN Alien O2, DTS XR7sx10, Pulsar Chromascape LEDx80 , Tons of Codas and Parcans, light Jockey computer control.

Fun Oasis - GRANADA Mall  - Riyadh

Intelligent and generic lighting for Riyadh's largest fabulous indoor theme park  (KCC design) (Photos)

Martin Alien 02,  Cyclo 3,      Exterior 200, Pulsar LEDs Light Jockey control.

Bubbles - Jeddah

Intelligent Architectural Lighting for this tasteful exclusive restaurant complex (Photos)

MARTIN Alien O5, Pulsar Chromascape LEDs  Pars, Programmable Pulsar control.

Athar - Sairafi Mall  - Jeddah

Intelligent and generic lighting for  eccentric decor ideas  

3600 sq.m , BSS Soundweb System , 35K TANNOY Dual Concentric , Pulse C-audio Computer Controlled Amps 

Hilton Ballroom

Installation of compete Audio system  

20 x MARTIN Exterior 200 Architectural lighting  fixtures , Proscenium computer control.

Hilton Terrace & Tea Garden

Architectural lighting for the terrace waterfall a garden  (Photos)

10000 sq. m , A&H DR System TANNOY ICT Custom built speakers into lighting fixtures & walls  , Wireless remote control  all areas.

Private 10,000 sq. m skating track 

Installation of Jeddah's first private family owned skating track automated remote controlled audio system..

24CH A&H DR System Sig. Processing, Matrix, Delay, TANNOY IQ10,  ICT & Dual Concentric Speakers , MC2 Computer Controlled Amps 

King Fahad Mosque

Installation and programming of automated  remote controlled audio system incorporating Tannoy's IQ Focus long throw system on the outside parameters. (Photos)

First 48CH MH4 Dual purpose console added to the previous 48CH VCA Vienna, TANNOY 's largest  (50k) Dual Concentric  Speaker install in Saudi CARVER   Amps , BSS Omnidrive

Leylaty One Audio Control Station

Upgrading Jeddah's Famous Ballroom  Leylaty One's main Console using Soundcraft's latest dual purpose MH4 audio mixer

TANNOY V5 Dual Concentric Speakers A&H DR Matrix , Routing & Delay System . MARTIN  Computer Control Intelligent Lighting , ETC generics.

Women's Quran Recital Society Jeddah

 Audio & Lighting install for the Society's main theater using Tannoy's V15 powerdual speaker system , A&H  DR128 for FOH automated signal processing and Martin lighting.

First BSS Soundweb System  in Mosques , TANNOY ICT & Dual Concentric Speakers , Crest audio Computer Controlled Amps 

Mohammed Bin Abdul Wahab  Mosque in Riyadh

Design & Installation of mosque complex in Riyadh. BSS soundweb deployed for complete automated control of different mosque multiple zones with remote control stations.

Martin Architectural lighting Alien 02, Alien  05, Cyclo 3,LJ control. Tannoy Speakers, A&H DR  computer control

Lost City

Audio & Lighting System Install for this new theme restaurant in Jeddah. Effect Lighting and exquisite decor interact to provide a most soothing and pleasurable atmosphere to dine and relax.(photos)

27 x MARTIN MAC 250 profiles & 16x MAC 300 wash intelligent moving head  lighting  fixtures , Light Jockey automated computer control.

Leylaty One & Two Effect Lighting System

Installation of Intelligent lighting and control system custom pre-programmed to run with wedding music .


Other clients and projects include:Leylaty Ballrooms One & Two, Jeddah  Hilton Main Function Hall, Jeddah Hilton Terrace Architectural Lighting, Westin Hotel, Kaki Hotel ,Prophet's mosque Medinah,   Al Faisaliyah Women's Society,  Saudi Arabian Airlines Studio, Farasan Studio, Mohammed Abdo Studios, Maya Studios, Quran Recital Society, Help Center, Al Aqsa School, Al Zahid,  Sony   ( Faisaliyah ), Sheikh Bin Baz Mosque (Mecca), Qatari Mosque (Mecca) , Taneem Mosque (Mecca) King Fahad Mosque (Ubhur), King Fahad Mosque (Tabuk) , Prince Sultan Mosque , Shoaibi Mosque, Anani Mosque, Allami Mosque, Sharbatly Mosque, Amoudi Mosque, Bugshan Mosque, Turki Mosque, Al Eissa Contracting,ART.
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