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May 2012, Euromoney 2012, Riyadh Picture

May 2012, Makkah Sports Youth Awards, Jeddah Picture

April 2012,International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education, RIEC, Riyadh Picture

April 2012, SAVOLA for Advisors 360, Leylaty ballrooms, Jeddah Picture

March 2012, NCB, Banking Conference, Leylaty ballrooms, Jeddah Picture

March 2012, Jeddah Economic Forum, Hilton Hotel Picture

February 2012, Charity Fashion Show, Park Hyatt Hotel, Jeddah Picture

February 2012, Prince Sultanís Campaign for the Prevention of Osteoporosis, Leylaty Jeddah Picture

February 2012,Saudia Event, Leylaty Jeddah

January 2012, Wedding Concert, Jeddah

January 2012, GCF2012, Supply of 3 x 4 Camera 16:9 Ob Kits Riyadh, Picture

January 2012, Arabwater conference, Jeddah, Picture

January 2012, Private Wedding, Jeddah,

March 2011, Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market Conference. Picture

March 201, Jeddah Economic Forum  - For EVENTS Picture

March 2011, Najran Investment Forum Picture

March 2011, 33rd Annual King Faisal International Prize,  Picture

March 2011, E-Learning Conference, Riyadh  Picture

February 2011, Saudia Retirement party, Jeddah Picture

January 2011, GCF 2011, Outside Broadcast Facilities, Riyadh Picture

January 2011, Home Health care Conference, Hilton hotel, Jeddah

January 2011, Saudia Joins Sky team, Leylaty, Jeddah

December 2010, KAUST Inaugural Commencement, Jeddah

November 2010, International Energy Forum, Riyadh Picture

November 2010, Khadija Bint Khuwailid Forum, for Seitenevent, Hilton Hotel Jeddah Picture

November 2010, Savola, Honoring Ceremony for H.E. Eng. Adel Fakeih. , Jeddah Picture

October 2010, Jeddah Young Business Expo 2010, SD Watchout wide screen,  Jeddah Picture

October 2010, Second co-operatives forum, Jeddah Picture

October 2010, STS-51G 25th Anniversary  - HD Watchout Widescreen, Riyadh Picture

September 2010, Charity Wedding - Makkah Picture

Ramadan 2010, 4Shabab TV Ramadan TV Show Picture

June 2010, STV CE Ramadan Event for Turquoise, Riyadh Picture

May 2010, First International Conference for Urban Heritage in the Islamic Countries, Riyadh Picture

May 2010, The Euromoney 2010 Saudi Arabia Conference, Riyadh Picture

May 2010, Girl Guides of Saudi Arabia, 30m Watchout show, Jeddah Picture

May 2010, Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry 50th anniversary HD, Watchout show Picture

March 2010, 32nd Annual King Faisal International Prize, Riyadh Picture

March 2010, Royal Wedding, Riyadh Picture

February 2010, 10th Jeddah Economic Forum Picture

January 2010, STC, Qitaf  awards Riyadh Picture

December 2009, Saudia Airlines Staff retirement celebration, Jeddah Picture

November 2009, Effat University 10th year anniversary For Events, Jeddah Picture

October / November 2009, KAUST - Forum on R&D Resources , Jeddah Picture

October 2009,First forum for productive families , Jeddah Picture

September 2009, AACO 42nd AGM, Jeddah Picture

September 2009,KAUST Inauguration Symposium, Jeddah Picture

September 2009, 6 Language Simultaneous Translation, KAUST Inauguration, Jeddah Picture

August 2009,Jeddah Festival Concerts, Jeddah Picture

July 2009, Islamic Concerts, Jeddah Picture

July 2009, Charity Wedding, Jeddah Picture

June 2009,Jeddah Commercial Forum, Jeddah Picture

May 2009, Euromoney09 Conference, Riyadh Picture

May 2009, Inter Action Council, 27th Annual Plenary Meeting In conjunction with OgilvyAction Picture

April 2009, Investment Horizons Conference, Riyadh Picture

April 2009, Global Forum for Volunteer work , Abha Picture

March 2009, 31st annual King Faisal International Prize, Riyadh Picture

March 2009, E-Learning and distance Learning, multi venue conference, Riyadh  Picture

March 2009, Family Wedding, Riyadh. In conjunction with Design Lab Events.  Picture

February 2009, Lexus RX350 Launch, Jeddah Picture

February 2009, CSR Conference, Riyadh Picture

January 2009, Intelligent Cities Conference, Makkah Picture











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