Did you know.....

HAV's lighting crew worked with MBC and ART on the first televised series of concerts from a purpose built theatre in Saudi Arabia.

Did you know.....

HAV have the largest stock of high-tech lighting in Saudi Arabia and very clever people to operate them.

Did you know.....

We have several kilometers of cable.





Intelligent Computer Controlled Lighting

Colour wash, profile and logo projection.

Stage Lighting.

Intelligent and generic lighting configurations for theatres, concerts, conferences and exhibitions.

Architectural lighting.

Commercial and residential building lighting design and installation. Outdoor and internal atrium lighting. Landscape lighting. Original, unique custom designs.


Film Lighting.

Specialist lighting for film, television and video shoots. HMI, tungsten, effects.

Our international design and production  team have many years of experience in all fields of entertainment and commercial lighting. Every project, whether large or small, is given our fullest attention and is custom designed to fulfill the client's expectations. For a quotation or further information, contact our lighting department on email lights@havpro.com