Rotana 2005 Summer concerts

 July  2005, Jeddah Summer Festival Live televised concerts




HAV Productions once again supplied All the Sound, Lighting and Projection requirements for this year's Jeddah Summer festival concert series televised live on the Rotana music channel.


36 Mac 600, 30 Mac 500, 28 Mac 250, 12 Mac 300, 16* 6 lamp bars, 4 strings Acl's, 12 Clay Paky HPE 1200 scanners, 68 of the NEW MR16 RGB LED hearts from Pulsar. all controlled from a Avolites Pearl   


2 * Sanyo XF40 7,700 lumens stacked to produce 12,000 lumens on to a 4m circle projection screen. Linked via fibre optic to the Rotana outside broadcast unit.


Front of house : Soundcraft  MH3 56 Ch desk

TV Mix : Soundcraft  MH3 56 Ch desk

Monitors: Alen & Heath ML4000 56Ch desk

BSS Audio 56CH Active Sgnal Distribution System

Martin Mach Slingshot 5-way concert system, BSS Omnidrive speaker management, 

Crest Audio Amp racks 80,000wats Power

Racks full of Signal and effect processors

20x T300 Stage Monitors TX3 Controlled



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