5th Construction Contractors Exchange Meeting

 April 2005 , Saudi Aramco - Dhahran




After the success of the recent cafe05 HAV Productions were contracted to supply all the technical facilities for the companies recent  Construction Contractors Exchange Meeting at the Dhahran International Hotel

 HAV Productions supplied and operated the following equipment.


12 Mac 250, 8 ETC source 4 26deg profiles, 20 Arri Junior 1k,  all controlled from a Avolites Pearl 2000


 2 * XF40 7,700 lumens Sanyo projectors, 2 * XP45 3500 lumens sayno projectors 2 *  4 x 3m & 2 * 2.8 x 2.1 Fastfold Projection screens, 2* Analog Way smartcut2 video scalars, all  integrated seamlessly into the Saudi Aramco new OB box system


40m of blacks drapes 


BSS Soundweb controlled System, GL3300 F.O.H. Console, Tannoy T300 Superdual speaker system.  and a complete Beyerdynamic Opus 800 radio mic system 8 channels under computer control consisting of with hand held and head set mics






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