Mobily Official Launch

 May 24th  2005, Kingdom Tower Riyadh




HAV Productions were pleased to provide technical assistance, trussing and lighting to Prisme International for the Mobily Official Launch dinner in the ballrooms of the Kingdom Tower hotel in Riyadh


12 ETC Source 4s,  2 LLT digital dimmers, 20 Martin Mac 600 wash luminaries, 4 Martin Mac 500 Profiles,  8 six lamp bars,  25 Arri 1k Fresnels, 14*1 ton Loadstar Motors, 3*50 mtrs tri-lite truss runs, 3*30mtr  Slick Maxi Beam truss runs. all lighting controlled from a Pearl 2000 

Other equipment used on the show included

A Sony High Definition 4 camera OB Unit for which  HAV Productions supplied the camera operators and director to Prisme International for the duration of the show

4 * Pigi Scrolling projectors producing scrolling images on 3 sides of the hall

5 * Panasonic 12000 lumens DLP projectors used with great effect to  project a 30m x 8m seamless video image

2 * 10m water curtains

1 * 10w solid state colour laser &  2 * 10wat green lasers 






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