Jeddah Economic Forum 2004

January 2004,  Hilton Hotel. Jeddah




HAV Productions recently provided all the technical services and crew for this years Jeddah Economic Forum, held at the Hilton Hotel, Jeddah  


4* Mac 250. 12* Mac 600 moving heads, 36* ETC source 4's, 28* Arri 1k fresnels ,80mtrs of Slick Maxi beam Truss. Controlled by Avolites Pearl 2000


4 * XF40 7,700 lumens Sanyo projector complete with short throw lenses. 2* 4m*3m & 2* 2.8m*2.1 Rear projection screens, 3 Sanyo PLC-XP45 3,500 lumens projectors used for image re-enforcement, controlled via 1* Analog Way Octoplus video scaler

Host Broadcasting

Outside Broadcast unit containing 5 Sony DXC35p complete with 2 cannon 33-1 lens, 5 BSP recorders and 1 player,  32ch Soundcraft Venue 2 sound desk, 2 location crews, on site editing using our Discreet Edit* system. Supply of feeds to various TV stations.


F.O.H  A&H  ML4000  48Ch desk

TANNOY Dual Concentric Speaker System
28X T300 DLY 1&2 flown on  Truss, V8 stage monitors, i5 fills, B475 subs
Digital hard disk recording
Crest Audio CA Amp Racks.
Whirlwind Active Signal Distribution System

Racks full of Signal and effect processors



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